Diabetics can Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

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Reduce High Blood Glucose Levels in Diabetes With Diet and Exercise

There are many reasons for a diabetic to want to avoid insulin injections, including needle phobias and religious beliefs. Others may simply want to reduce or eliminate dependence on artificial insulin.

Regardless of the underlying reason, in some cases it can be a simple matter to lower blood sugar naturally by drinking herbal teas, exercising, and eating a healthy diet. All changes in diet and activity level should be made under the supervision of a doctor, to ensure that the methods are lowering blood sugar to safe levels, but not too low.

Tea Can Lower Blood Sugar Levels

There are several types of herbal tea that can lower blood sugar naturally. Drinking green tea can help to lower glucose naturally. Brewing green tea with a cinnamon stick will increase the effect, due to cinnamon’s blood glucose lowering properties.

Exercise Helps a Diabetic Reduce Blood Glucose Levels

Moderate amounts of exercise improve the overall health of a diabetic, as well as contributing to weight loss. Losing weight helps a diabetic to manage blood sugar levels more easily. In addition, exercise requires energy, which is derived from the sugar in the blood. For this reason, exercise can be an efficient means to lower blood sugar naturally.

A Healthy Diet Lowers Blood Sugar Naturally

A healthy diet is an important component in a plan to lower glucose naturally. There are two aspects to consider when formulating a diet to reduce high blood glucose levels. The amount and type of carbohydrates consumed, as well as the glycemic load of the meal, are both critical to a diet that will lower blood sugar levels.

Carbohydrates Increase Blood Glucose Levels

There are two different categories of carbohydrate, which affect the body very differently. Understanding the difference between them can help lower blood glucose levels with a healthy diet plan.

  • Simple Carbohydrates raise blood sugar quickly

Simple carbohydrates have little or no fiber, and are broken down quickly by the body. A simple carbohydrate, such as sugar, provides a virtually instant sugar rise in the bloodstream.

  • Complex Carbohydrates raise blood sugar slowly

Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, have more fiber and take longer for the body to break down. A food containing complex carbohydrates, such as any type of green leafy vegetable, will provide a slow and steady rise in blood sugar over a longer period of time. This allows the body to have more time to deal with the influx of glucose in the blood, which helps to maintain a normal blood sugar level.

A Minimal Glycemic Load will Maintain Normal Blood Glucose

The glycemic load of a meal is the expected blood sugar impact of the combination of foods consumed in the meal. For example, eating a piece of meat alone has no glycemic impact, since meat does not raise the blood sugar. Eating a piece of whole grain bread alone will have a moderate impact on the blood sugar. Eating the two together will lessen the impact of the bread, because eating the meat slows the body’s ability to break down the bread into sugar. Paying attention to the glycemic load of meals can help to lower blood sugar naturally over time.

Lowering Blood Sugar Naturally

In order to maintain lower blood sugar, a diabetic can exercise and drink teas that can reduce blood glucose levels. In addition, it is best to avoid simple carbohydrates as much as possible. Other dietary improvements include the addition of protein, complex carbohydrates, particularly fiber and nutrient-rich vegetables, and healthy fats, such as those found in nuts and avocados. Eating fruits and berries with fat, fiber, or protein, allows diabetics to enjoy a sweet treat while lowering the glycemic load of the snack.

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