Keys to Weight Loss for Kids

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Restrictive Diets Don’t Work on Overweight Children

Overweight children can experience poor health, dental problems, heart problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. The percentage of obese and overweight children continues to climb. Restrictive diets aren’t the key to weight loss for kids though.

Keys for Weight Loss for Kids

Overweight kids are more likely to become overweight adults. Kids carrying extra weight put their bodies at risk for a host of health problems. Its not too early or too late to start a healthy lifestyle though. Putting a child on a restrictive diet isn’t going to be effective at helping him or her lose weight. There are, however, some keys for weight loss for kids that can help.

Healthy Role Models Improve Weight Loss Success for Kids

Kids need healthy role models who live a healthy lifestyle. They are more likely to repeat their parents food and exercise habits, good or bad. Leading an active lifestyle and making healthier food choices have a trickle down effect on your kids.

Nutrition Counts for Kids Who Need to Lose Weight

Learn about nutrition together. Examine food labels, become aware of potentially dangerous foods, learn why aspartame is not part of a healthy diet. Take a nutrition class if you aren’t used to following a healthy lifestyle. Devise a healthy eating plan for your family and help them to stick to it. Kids also enjoy being part of the process. Allow them to choose healthy foods at the store.

Calorie Control for Kids

Portion sizes have grown over time, so its no wonder our waistlines have also grown. It’s important to keep kids’ portion sizes under control. It’s easy for kids to overdo it by grabbing a four-inch bagel or having a few bowls of cereal. Using a measuring cup or scale can be helpful, especially in the beginning, to figure out how much your child should really be eating. 

Structure is Important for a Healthy Lifestyle for Kids

Kids need structure to do well in school to get a good night’s sleep and to save money. They also need structure in order to lose weight. Having set schedules and clear expectations and boundaries help kids keep their weight under control. Changing their habits can be tough at first, but the less time kids spend in front of the TV and computer and the more time they spend being active, the more weight they will lose. Other little things contribute as well, like reducing soda consumption for kids.

Make Exercise Fun for the Whole Family

Making exercise fun for the family increases kids weight loss success. When it doesn’t feel grueling and they can look forward to their family fun time, they are more likely to willingly participate in exercise. Aim for 60 minutes of exercise per day for kids.

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