Lose Weight with Low-Carb Meal Plans: Choosing Foods for a Diabetic Weight Loss Diet

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Carbohydrates are converted into glucose by the body, providing energy for the body. Excess carbohydrate intake results in high levels of blood glucose, which affects diabetics severely. In addition, excess levels of glucose in the blood can also result in weight gain, which can further worsen a diabetic’s health. A lower-carb diet plan can not only reduce levels of glucose in the blood, but also result in weight loss.

Reducing Carbohydrate Intake Lowers Blood Glucose Levels

Lower blood glucose levels can be achieved by lowering carb intake. Carbohydrates, such as sugars, vegetables, and grains, are foods that provide immediate energy for the body’s needs. When carbohydrates are consumed, they are changed into glucose, and absorbed into the bloodstream, raising the levels of blood glucose. An individual with a normal glucose metabolism then produces insulin, which facilitates the absorption of the glucose by cells in the body.

A diabetic is unable to process glucose properly, which results in excess glucose remaining in the blood until it can be filtered and flushed from the body by the kidneys. When fewer carbohydrates are consumed, there is less carbohydrate to convert into glucose, which leads to lower levels of blood glucose. Consuming foods that are high in protein or fiber with a high-carbohydrate food can slow the process, resulting in a less immediate spike in blood sugar levels.

Preparing a Diabetic Diet Meal Plan

A diabetic diet meal plan must be prepared carefully. When choosing foods, it is important to read labels and know nutrition information. A low-carb diet menu should contain carbohydrates that are healthy, such as vegetables, rather than added sugar or refined carbs. In order to prevent an accidental increase in carbohydrate count, anyone creating a diabetic diet meal plan should read the list of ingredients carefully, and avoid certain ingredients.

Foods to Avoid in a Low-Carb Diet Menu

A low-carb diet menu should not contain refined flour, such as the flour found in white bread. In addition, any type of sugar should be avoided when choosing foods for a diabetic weight loss diet. Sugar that is found in packaged foods goes by many different names, however, and can be difficult to spot.

Some alternative names for sugar include: corn syrup, fructose, sucrose, lactose, and evaporated cane syrup. Avoiding foods with sugar in the ingredients list improves the success of a low-carb diet menu.

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