Quick Weight Loss Diets Follow a Healthy Diet Plan to Lose Weight Easily

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Low glycemic foods, combined with a good understanding of the glycemic index, allow dieters to lose weight easily when following quick weight loss diets. Paying attention to the nutritional value of foods allows dieters to create a healthy diet plan. Combining the two in well-balanced low glycemic diets improves the chances of losing weight, while remaining healthy.

Following a Glycemic Index Diet

When following a glycemic index diet, it is necessary to pay attention to the glycemic index of the foods consumed, as well as portion sizes. Small amounts of a high-glycemic food may be less harmful to a diet plan than large amounts of a low-glycemic food. As in many other aspects of a healthy diet plan, moderation is key.

The glycemic index is a measure of the effect of a type of food on the body’s blood sugar levels. All foods containing any amount of carbohydrate result in a change in blood sugar levels. When food with a carbohydrate content is eaten, the body works to convert the carbohydrate into glucose, to be used as an energy source. As the carbohydrate is changed into glucose, it enters the bloodstream, raising the blood glucose levels. The varying levels of blood glucose increase caused by different foods is the basis of the glycemic index.

Calculating the Glycemic Index of Foods

In order to arrive at a glycemic index number for a type of food, an experiment must take place. An individual eats a portion of the food, after having a blood glucose test. Once the food has been consumed, additional blood glucose tests are given. The results are then compared to the blood glucose changes that take place when the individual consumes table sugar or white bread, which have the most dramatic effect on blood sugar levels.

Low-Carb Diet Plans Offer Quick Weight Loss

Low-carb diet plans are traditionally low-glycemic as well. A low-carb diet, however, tends to simply eliminate or restrict carbohydrate-containing food, rather than determining the glycemic value. While this simplifies the process of choosing foods, it can result in dissatisfaction, boredom, and a broken diet plan. In order to prevent this, many people who follow low-carb diet plans purchase cookbooks to help create dieting meal plans.

Lose Weight Easily With Healthy Diet Plans

Reducing the glycemic impact of foods in the diet, whether it is the result of a low-carb diet plan, or a glycemic index diet, will provide swift weight loss. When excess glucose is in the bloodstream, the body stores it as fat, to be used for future energy needs. When less glucose is available, the body converts stored fat into energy to be used for daily activities.

Low-carb diet plans and glycemic index diets are similar, but both offer fast weight loss by avoiding sugar and most carbohydrates. Regardless of the type of diet followed, care should be taken to ensure that the food consumed is healthy, and meets nutritional needs, and a physician’s advice should be sought prior to making any drastic changes in diet or exercise level.

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