The Atkins Diet for Rapid Weight Loss

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Since the Atkins Diet was introduced in 1972 by Dr. Robert Atkins, it has proven itself as a powerful tool in the arsenal against obesity.

Initially ridiculed by the most of the nutritional community, the Atkins Diet, and similar low-carb diet plans such as the South Beach diet, have come to be accepted as very relevant and useful programs for people that want to lose weight rapidly.

How Does the Atkins Diet Work?

The Atkins Diet works by eliminating or severely restricting carbohydrates from your dietary intake. Your body, lacking supplies of glucose in the form of carbohydrates, will enter a ketogenic state and begin burning body fat.

Ketogenesis is the process of breaking down of fat into ketones which your body will begin to use as fuel in the absence of supplies of glucose. Your body literally turns into a fat-burning machine, opting to use fat — both dietary and body fat — as it’s primary fuel source.

On the Atkins diet, the induction phase is the most ketogenic phase of the diet. In the Induction phase, your carbohydrate intake is typically reduced to less than 20 grams per day. The induction phase typically lasts anywhere from twoweeks to a few months.

How Long Will it Take Me to Lose Weight on Atkins?

The amount of time that it takes you to lose weight on a ketogenic diet depends on a number of factors such as your genes, your basal metabolic rate (BMR), the number of carbohydrates you eat, your activity level, and even your stress levels.

The Atkins Diet is generally thought of as a diet designed for people who want to lose weight fast. Many top athletes such as boxers and MMA fighters use a ketogenic diet similar to the Atkins diet to drop weight rapidly prior to weigh-ins.

How Much Weight will I Lose on the Atkins Diet?

Initial weight loss on the order of 3 to 4 pounds a week in the highly ketogenic phases are not unheard of — but expecting a sustained weight loss of that amount is unrealistic and can be downright dangerous.

Because of this, the Atkins Diet plan recommends a relatively short amount of time spent on the Induction phase.

What are Acceptable Foods on the Atkins Diet?

Foods that are generally accepted on the Atkins diet are a combination of low carbohydrate meats, vegetables, and fats and oils.

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