Weight-Loss Shakes are the Easiest Way to Lose Weight Quickly

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For most individuals, a well-balanced, sensible diet plan is best. However, typical low-calorie diet plans are excruciatingly slow at taking off the pounds. Especially helpful for obese individuals, weight-loss shakes offer an easy, fast alternative when other more moderate approaches have failed.

Made with protein powder, sweetener, and various flavorings, today’s diet products or homemade weight-loss meal-replacement shakes provide excellent nutritional value. However diet shakes are strictly for weight loss. While a highly effective alternative for weight control, a dieter still has to learn how to maintain that loss once excess body fat is burned.

Thin So Fast Weight Loss Program – Meal Replacement Weight-Loss Shakes

In 1989, Dr. Michael R. Eades published a book called Thin So Fast, a protein-sparing modified fast (PSMF) similar to the one that talk-show hostess Oprah Winfrey used to shed 67 pounds. Oprah used a diet product called Optifast. This program, like most liquid diet programs at that time, consisted of 5 protein shakes a day rather than whole foods.

After many hours of research, Eades developed a modified version of the plan that required less supervision. It was less restrictive and what Eades believed to be safer, due to adding a low-carb diet meal plus a recipe for a homemade meal replacement shake that gave the dieter an adequate daily protein intake.

After personally following the Thin So Fast weight-loss program and ridding himself of his own excess body fat, Eades began putting many of his patients on the same modified PSMF diet program. However, it was obvious that weight loss meal replacement shakes could not be followed long-term. A permanent weight-loss solution needed to be found.

Low Carbohydrate Diet Followed the Quick Weight Loss PSMF Diet

While all liquid protein diets offer a quick and easy way to lose weight, few individuals maintain those fat losses. As soon as dieters return to regular meals, having never changed their bad eating habits, they also return to their previous weight, or more.

Dr. Eades observed that a PSMF diet is actually a low-carb diet. So to solve the problem, he created a low-carb diet to help his patients maintain their new-found weight easily. As his research into low-carb diets continued, his medical practice gradually evolved into dealing exclusively with weight loss, and specifically a low-carb diet.

The PSMF protocol outlined in Thin So Fast contains 1,000 calories: 100 grams of protein, 53 grams of fat, and 40 grams of carbohydrate. Not what his low-carb diet has evolved into today. However, the principle behind the Thin So Fast diet still holds true. While a low carb-diet can help an individual shed lots of excess body fat, Eades writes that this “feat is accomplished much more quickly on the PSMF.” This is because a low-carb diet typically contains more fat and calories than a PSMF diet does.

Homemade Weight-Loss Meal-Replacement Shakes or Current Diet Products

The Thin So Fast weight-loss program consisted of 4 daily homemade diet shakes. Due to the difficulties in obtaining good-tasting, complete protein powder back then, Eades created a weight-loss meal-replacement shake that used instant skim milk powder as a base. The idea was to cover up the taste of the protein powder, but this has caused confusion for many low-carb dieters, since milk is not generally allowed on a low-carb diet.

Few take into account that Thin So Fast was used and written before the Protein Power Lifeplan was created. When some with insulin resistance and other blood sugar issues have attempted to use the skim milk powder called for in the diet shake recipe rather than current diet products on the market today, they experience the symptoms of elevated blood sugars.

While 4 protein shakes and 1 low-carb meal per day is useful for those desiring to lose weight quickly, Eades has written on his low-carb diet blog that using skim milk powder in a homemade diet shake is not what he would do, or recommend today. “Were I doing a PSMF now,” Eades writes, “I would simply use one of the good protein powders available almost everywhere.”

To Lose Weight Quickly, the PSMF is Still the Easiest Way to Lose Weight

For most individuals, a well-balanced, sensible diet plan is best. However, diet plans that promise quick weight loss can easily tempt the dieter. The Thin So Fast weight loss program is one of the easiest ways to lose weight quickly. With 4 weight-loss shakes, a sensible low-carb dinner, and a low-carb maintenance program to help the dieter transfer to a healthy diet, Dr. Eades has developed a quick weight-loss diet that is still nutritionally sound and helpful in treating the underlying cause of obesity today.

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