Weight Loss Success: Forget the Past

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Weight loss has a funny way of getting to the top of that priority list. Sometime in the future, a letter or invitation will arrive announcing an upcoming reunion or family get-together. Or perhaps that old friend is in town for just a day and wants to meet and reminisce over old times. Suddenly, those few pounds that have been sneaking on over the past few years are a major issue.

It’s Time to Lose the Weight

Most people have very unrealistic expectations when it comes to the amount of weight that can realistically and safely be lost. Sure, there are a thousand diet or weight loss plans out there that will promise 10 or 20 pounds lost in just a week, but is that taking a risk with one’s health?

Unrealistic expectations will only lead to frustration and anxiety later. It’s time to take another approach to healthy weight loss. Stop putting all hope in some diet program or weight loss plan that promises quick and easy weight loss. Those type of weight loss plans belong in the fantasy aisle at the local bookstore.

Time to Get Real About Realistic Weight Loss

So a few pounds have crept on, or maybe it’s more than a few pounds. Whatever. It’s time to stop thinking that that wedding gown or prom dress is going to fit. That may be one of those unrealistic goals mentioned earlier. It’s very normal for people to increase in mass over time.

Don’t focus on the scale; rather, set some behavioral goals like eating breakfast every day, taking a walk in the morning, and eat more whole foods, fruits, and vegetables. Work at meeting these goals and when they are reached, positive feelings of accomplishment will provide encouragement to continue.

Forget the Past and Focus on Losing Weight Now

The past is over, yesterday’s news, never to be altered. Focus on what’s ahead. Here are some quick tips to eating better and losing weight:

  • People who eat regular meals consume fewer calories than people who don’t eat on a regular basis.
  • People who sit down and eat from a plate consume 43% less calories.Get off the sofa or out of the office and exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.
  • Watch portion size and eat more whole foods that are high in fiber because they make one feel full sooner. That means less food consumed, and more weight loss.

Stop looking in the past and focus on the future. There’s a place where health and a steady level of weight are maintained. Forget about this year’s reunion and plan to go next year as a thinner, healthier, happier person.

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