Why Drinking Water is Vital to Successful Weight Loss

clear drinking glass filled with water

No matter which weight loss program or diet method is used, drinking water is an essential element in losing weight successfully. Most experts agree that drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day is necessary for maintaining optimal health, but those who are dieting should take another look at just how important water is to those folks wanting to lose weight.

Why Water is Important for Weight Loss

When first starting out on a new diet or weight loss program, those first few pounds are going to be water weight so drinking more water will help one avoid dehydration, which slows down the weight loss process. Burning calories requires an ample supply of water in order to occur and burning more calories means more weight loss.

Most healthy diets will require more consumption of additional fiber which is helpful in moving food through the digestive system faster, which limits absorption. In order for fiber to do it’s job more efficiently, it needs a lot of water. The consequence of not getting enough water to aid in digestion is constipation, and nobody wants that.

Getting the Right Amount of Water for Optimal Weight Loss

There are many factors to consider when trying to determine the right amount of water to be consumed each day. Consider total body weight, the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment, the level of daily activity, and what types of foods are consumed. All of these will help in finding just the right amount of water for a particular situation.

Generally, nature and the human body provide the best way to determine the correct amount of water taken in each day. Think of the body as a gauge that indicates how much water is needed by the color of urine produced. Lighter, pale colored urine indicates sufficient water is being supplied. Dark colored urine usually indicates more water is needed. Keep in mind that other factors may affect the color including vitamin supplements and antibiotics.

Drink Water and Lose Weight

While there are many products out there that make claims as to what is the best liquid to put into one’s body, water is far and away the best way to rehydrate the body and assist is healthy weight loss. Water keeps blood volume high and increases the amount of oxygen actually supplied to the muscles. Lack of water means less oxygen to the muscles which leads to fatigue and feeling tired. Sufficient water consumption allows more energy for exercise, more exercise burns more calories, and weight loss is achieved.

Drink a full glass of water before sitting down to any meal and get that full feeling even before starting a meal. A fuller feeling stomach means that less food is consumed, caloric intake is reduced, and losing weight occurs. Now multiply this pre-meal glass of water with the energy increase that comes from a higher blood volume and that is a successful strategy for weight loss.

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